School Delays and Closure Procedures


Be Prepared for Schedule Changes!


From time to time during the coming months, the weather may force a change in the normal school routine.  The following  questions and answers should help to clarify how decisions regarding school closures and delays are made and communicated in the Colfax School District.

How are decisions made?

It is the District’s intent to adhere to the established school calendar whenever possible.  We recognize that canceling or delaying school because of adverse weather conditions causes a good deal of inconvenience for parents.  History also tells us that student attendance on make-up days is generally worse than on regularly scheduled school days, no matter how poor the conditions may be.  These factors are considered in relation to the risk-level involved in transporting students when weather conditions are questionable.  A delayed start to the school day will often provide time for weather to improve and roads to be plowed in the light of day, our drivers will also be working in safer driving conditions.

If the weather becomes particularly difficult, it is possible in some instances, that we will not be     running buses or running buses on main roads only.  If this scenario were to emerge, the parents of students who normally ride the bus will be responsible for making the decision to bring their children to school or keep them home for the day.  If parents decide to keep their children home for the day, the absence would be recorded as “excused”.  This solution enables us to adhere to the school  calendar as already established and avoid the problems and inconvenience associated with attempting to schedule make-up days later in the year.   

How is information gathered to make decisions on bad weather days?        

Early in the morning, designated school personnel communicated with one another and individuals in key locations to determine the status of roads and existing weather patterns.  Information secured from these individuals is then used to make decisions regarding the feasibility of safely transporting students to and from school.

Where can one get information concerning school delay or closure?

The Colfax School District has a calling system that will be used to notify parents when delays or closures occur.  You may receive these notifications by phone or e-mail.  Recipients will see the school’s phone  number on caller IDs for routine calls.  Emergency messages will be displayed as “411” on caller IDs; this makes a distinction between informational calls and emergency notifications.  These will be sent out between 6:00 and 7:30 each morning:

Television: KHQ TV CH 6; KXLY TV CH 4; KREM TV CH 2

AM Radio: KCLX—1450—Colfax KRPL—1400—Pullman/Moscow KMAX—840—Colfax

FM Radio: KZUN—106—KZZL—99.5—KRAQ—102.5

If weather deteriorates during the course of the school day, parents will be called by our Phone Calling   system and can also listen to KCLX, KRPL, or KZUN for information concerning early dismissals.

What can parents do to be prepared for school closure or delay?

Have an emergency snow day plan in place that can be put into action on short notice.  Be sure that the school has accurate emergency numbers on file and contact people that can be reached.  Listen to the radio or watch the TV.  Also be prepared for a call from our calling system.