Classroom Schedule

Morning Routine 

8:00-The building opens to the students.  The students come into the   classroom, put away their supplies and go either to breakfast or out to the playground.  They need to have clothing appropriate for the weather. J

8:20-Bell rings.  Students enter the classroom and get ready for the day.

8:25-Tardy bell rings.  Students are in their seats ready for the announcements.

8:30-10:00- Reading/Spelling/Writing Block (Language Arts).  This will sometimes include whole group instruction, small groups or working with individual students.


10:15-11:10- Continuing Language Arts Block 

11:10-11:50-Lunch and recess.


Afternoon Routine

11:50-12:10-Math   (11:50-12:25 on Wed.)

12:35-1:00-P.E.      (12:25-12:45 on Wed.)

1:00-1:25-Music/Library (12:45-1:05 on Wed.)

1:25-2:00- Math    (1:05-1:30 on Wed.)

2:00-2:15-Recess  (1:30-1:45 on Wed.)

2:15-3:10-Science/Health/Social Studies/Read Aloud  (1:45-2:25 on Wed.) This is a time for experiments and learning about concepts that deal with the world around us.

3:10-3:15- Closing activities.