Annie Rehearsal groups

         ‘ANNIE’  Rehearsal Groups


A       Annie, Orphans             I-1 pp. 1-12          Maybe & Reprise

          Hannigan, Bundles                                               Hard Knock Life

                                                                             HKL Rep.

                                                I-4 pp. 22-24       

                                                II-2 pp. 6-7           Dressed W/O Rep.


B       Servants, Warbucks       I-5 pp.30-39                  I Think I’m Gonna

          Grace, Annie                  I-6 pp. 40-43        Let’s Go to the Movies

I-8 pp.50-56                  Orphan For Long

                                                II-4 pp. 18-21       Something Was Missing

                                                II-5 pp. 21-31       Together At Last



C       Hooverville, Annie         I-2 pp. 13-16        Tomorrow

          Ward                              I-3 pp. 16-21        Hooverville


D       Hannigan, Grace            I-4 pp. 23-29        Little Girls

          Rooster, Lily                  I-7 pp. 44-50        Easy Street

          Ward, Annie                  II-2 pp. 8-10                  Easy Street Rep. 


E       Healy, Boylan Sisters    II-1 pp. 1-6           Dressed W/O A Smile

          Sound Effects Man

          Warbucks, Annie


F       FDR, Cabinet                 II-3 pp. 10-18       Tomorrow Rep.

          Warbucks, Annie


G       Entire Cast                     II-6 pp. 32-41       Finale