Hello, my name is Chris Carney

Chris Carney


As the JES school counselor I provide guidance and support for our elementary students in a variety of ways including classroom support, social skill-building, group and individual assistance.  I am a member of the Special Services Team, coordinate Section 504 and assist with Child Find. I also teach the Second Step curriculum (violence prevention and social skills) in grades K-4 and Steps to Respect and Life Skills in grade 5 and 6.  Additionally I advise Jennings Student Advisory and Leadership Council and coordinate our sixth grade Outdoor Education program. I also provide support for grade 7 & 8 during daily office hours and as needed.  Feel free to contact me at the above phone number or email me at Christine.carney@csd300.com


Special Services Team meets weekly.

Child Find is coordinated with Head Start and Kindergarten Roundup. Contact me for more information.

Student Advisory and Leadership Council selections occur at the beginning of each semester.  Representatives are selected from grades 4-6.  Meetings are held during lunch on each Monday.

Our sixth grade students participate in Outdoor Education at Camp Grizzly in September each school year.  Outdoor Ed. 2016 will be held on Sept. 14-16th, 2016.


Following are links to the Second Step curriculum I use  as well as the Life Skills prevention curriculum.