February 2017 Updates and Odd Things

Born February 7, 1804: John Deere Company


Also born today, February 7, 1867, prolific author, school teacher and pioneer: Laura Ingalls Wilder (author of Little House on the Prarie) 


Feb 1: Highly Capable Update: We have nearly completed the assessment process for all those identified for the HiCap program. We are on pace to take our assessment findings to the Highly Capable Committee for qualification determination. From there, parents of identified students will be notified of the Committee's findings. Please call or email Mr. Howell or Dr. Hammer if there are any questions.  Thank you. 
Feb 5, 1971: US Astronauts Land on the Moon, Apollo 11 mission is a success! For more NASA Apollo Missions Click Here!
Feb 4, 1795: France abolishes Slavery, former slaves become full citizens. 
Born Feb 4, 1902: Charles Lindberg, the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. 
Born Feb 4, 1913: Rosa Lee Parks, Civil Rights Activist
Feb 3, 1690: The first Paper money is issued in America by the Massachusetts Bay Colony
 Read: Colonial Coins and Currency from CelebrateBoston.com
Born Feb 3, 1821: UK born Elizabeth Blackwell: First female to obtain an MD a US medical college. 


Born Feb 3, 1894: Norman Rockwell, artist. 


Feb 1: Born in 1878, was Hattie Caraway, D-Arkansas. She was the first woman elected to- and the first woman to preside over- the US Senate.
Today in History Feb 1, 1587, Elizabeth 1 signed a "Warrant of Execution" for her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots