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Successful completion of this course will fulfill one year of the science credits needed for graduation. Science is ever changing. We will not only use our textbook for content. Be prepared to look for additional information on the internet, in the library, in newspapers, etc. However, while your textbook may be old, it is a valuable resource. You can be successful in this class if you do the following:



* pay attention

* follow instructions

* take good notes

* do your homework




You will have many different types of assignments for this class.   If you are absent, you may make-up the work if the absence is excused. It is not the teacher's responsibility to remind you of your make-up work! When absent, the teacher may change or modify the assignment. Check the assignment board!


Late Work:


I do not accept late work. If there are individual circumstances that prevent a student from submitting their assignment on time, I will deal with that situation independently. Please come and speak with me privately if you have an issue with a late assignment.


Extra Credit:


Extra credit is available so that a struggling student, who wants to be successful, has the opportunity to do so. Extra credit is also available so that high achieving students have an opportunity to do additional work so they can ensure their desired grade. Extra credit points will be offered MANY TIMES throughout the semester – take advantage when it is offered.


DO NOT ask for extra credit work to boost a deficient grade.


Notebook: You need to keep an organized notebook for this class.


A separate three ring binder is required just for this class.


Your notebook will include the following divisions:


(1)       assignment log or calendar

(2)       notes   (large spiral notebook)

(3)       journal (small spiral notebook)

(4)       handouts / lab

(5)       quizzes / tests

(6)       homework


Hopefully, this will keep you better organized. At times, you will be able to use your notebook for tests. It helps if everything is properly in order so you don't waste valuable time. Be prepared!!!





Frequently . . . especially if it is believed that students are not doing the daily reading. So be prepared!




A test will be typically given at the end of each chapter or unit. If you miss a test and your absence is excused, you have one week outside of class to make it up. Failure to do so will result in a ZERO!!!!! Again, this is your responsibility, not the teacher's!


Notes, Labs & Journals:


Most activities / labs CANNOT be made up. If you miss an experiment, you will have an opportunity to do a 3-page report on a similar topic.


Grading Scale:


You will earn points in four categories, each of which forms a percentage of your grade.



Percentage of grade





Tests and Quizzes


Labs / Projects / Presentations


Classroom Conduct / Participation / Punctuality / Attendance **



Percentages                                    Letter Grades


92.5 – 100                                                A

89.5 – 92.49                                 A-

87.5 – 89.45                                 B+

82.5 – 87.49                                 B

79.5 – 82.49                                 B-

77.5 – 79.49                                 C+

72.5 – 77.49                                 C

69.5 – 72.49                                 C-

       0 – 69.49                                 F


**Each day in class you earn 4 possible points. To earn the full 4 points, you must be present in class, on time, prepared, and an active participant. If you are absent, tardy, forget your textbook, off task, etc . . . . . you lose points. School sponsored absences also count as missed days. You have an opportunity to make up these missed points in various ways (email, phone call, checking in before or after school, extra credit)!! BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR MISSED MATERIAL IS KEY!



Regular attendance is considered a high priority in this class. Attendance and participation are related to the instructional goals and objectives - students who miss class lose essential educational opportunities. It is important to participate in all activities. Other students gain from your participation as well. Thus, attendance is a basis for grading in this course.





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