Chemistry Course Description

Chemistry     Eligible for Dual-Credit with LCSC


Ms. Vogler          Office Hours:  7th period, Monday - Friday, or by appointment                 



            Tro, Introductory Chemistry.  2011


            The text is not to be written in, and is to be used as resource.




            Heavy-duty book cover on text (brown paper bags are best.  Use heavy                  tape to secure; do NOT tape to text.


            Notebook.         A 3-ring binder with a divided section for this class.


            Lab Work          Appropriate lab demeanor is to be employed at all times.

                                    With few exceptions, every lab performed will require a                                           written lab report to be turned in the following class period. 

                                    Format as provided.


             Homework.    Correct and timely completion of assignments.  All work                                           is to be shown for credit. 

                                    All homework is due the following class period unless                                              otherwise noted.

                                    All lab reports are due the following class period unless                                         otherwise noted. 

                                   Each lab partner will turn in his/her own lab report,                                                  completed individually.



            Tests.              Independent practice of knowledge and gained                                                        understanding.


            Participation.    Work  turned in on time.

                                    On task.

                                    Participation in class discussions and projects


Hats are not to be worn in my classrooms by anyone.

Food and drink are not permitted in the classroom.

Cell phones are not permitted in the classroom.

No spiral notebook paper.



GRADING POLICY See Student Handbook for complete scale:

                                                         Tests = 45%

 -                                                        Homework = 20%

                                                          Participation = 10%

                                                          Lab   = 25%


  Transcript grade is calculated on a cumulative, semester-by-semester basis.  Semester grade will include a final exam. Parent/guardian will be contacted if grades change significantly.

Student/parent/guardian can always access student grade on Internet program.

  Student is responsible for making up all missed work.  It is your responsibility to contact me upon your return. 

If student is gone the day of a test, the student will be expected to take the test either before school or after school the day the student returns.

  Regular attendance is considered a high priority in this class.  Attendance and participation are related to the instructional goals and objectives of this course.  Students who miss class lose essential instruction.  It is important to participate in all activities.  Other students gain from your participation as well. 

   All school work must be completed.  Late school work will receive a credit loss of 30%.  Unexcused absence school work must be completed, but will receive no credit.  School work is to be turned in on the day it is due, even if you are absent due to extracurricular activities. 

Work is to be shown, or loss of credit may result.