Calculus Syllabus

Calculus Course Schedule  for Kathryn Vogler.   Calculus  Graphical,Numerical, Algebraic.  Demana Waits Foley Kennedy.  2004.

Dates and schedule subject to change based upon high school activity schedule.

General Date     Chapter                                Topic

09/01-09/30        1                              Prerequisites.  Functions & graphs. Exponential, parametric functions.  Logarithms. Trigonometric                                                                      functions.

10/01-10/30        2, 3                          Limits and continuity. Derivatives.  Differentiability.

11/01-11/30        3                              Velocity and rates of change. Derivative of Trig functions. Chain rule.

12/01-12/17        3                              Implicit differentiation. Derivatives of  Inverse Trig functions.

01/01-01/26        3                              Derivatives of Exponential & Logarithmic functions.

01/24                                                 End of Semester 1.  Comprehensive Final Exam.

01/25-03/15        4                              Applications of Derivatives. Extreme Value  theorem. Mean value theorem. Modeling.                                                                                         Linearization & Newton’s method. Related rates.

03/16-03/31        5                              The Definite Integral. Anti-derivatives.  Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Trapezoidal Rule.                   04/01-06/08        6                              Differential equations &mathematical modeling. Anti-derivatives and slope fields. Integration by                                                                        substitution. Integration by parts.

06/09                                                 End of Semester 2.  Comprehensive Final Exam.


Chapter exams will be given at the conclusion of each chapter. 

Near-daily homework assignments will be graded.

Students will be expected to become adept with graphing calculator provided by instructor.

Students will be expected to participate daily in class. 

Students will be expected to present problems and solution path to the class throughout year. 

Students will be expected to work in small groups as assigned.

Grade is based upon:   Tests = 50%, Homework = 40%, Participation = 10%

GENERAL EDUCATION LEARNING OUTCOMES: Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

1. Read, interpret, and communicate mathematical concepts.

2. Represent and interpret information/data.

3. Select, execute and explain appropriate strategies/procedures when solving mathematical problems.

4. Apply quantitative reasoning to draw and support appropriate conclusions..