How I Use Skyward

Here's a reminder from my syllabus on how I use Skyward:

* (star) = Assignment ready for teacher to enter grade

0 = Assignment NOT turned in by the student...but I do take late work at 50% value til 7 days before end of quarter. For Monday's eligibility, make up must be in Friday before check.

Checkmark = Skyward marks STARS, EXCUSED and NO COUNT assignments as "MISSING" and lists them on  the "missing assignments" report.
NO COUNT = I mark assignments in process of being graded as NO COUNT to minimize the "STAR" and "missing assignment report" confusion.  I'm a slow grader, but I am fair and approachable.

PLEASE don't just look at the "missing assignments" section. It's such an inaccurate picture because Skyward takes it upon ITSELF to checkmark 3 things as "missing"... STARS, EXCUSED, and NO COUNTS. This is what causes confusion...Skyward declaring things as missing.

Please look at the individual grade of the assignments by clicking on the semester grade for my class. Look for zeros -- zeros are bad. Zeros are assignments that weren't turned in.  Zeros are the assignments you want your child to ask questions about.  The student must have a PRINTED grade sheet in hand to talk grades...and make polite arrangements to visit with me privately outside of class (before school, lunch, during my prep).  If a student refuses to find a time outside of class to meet with me but persists on debating during class, then I'll make arrangements for a parent/student meeting. 
The reason I need the student to have a PRINTED grade sheet in hand is that "I need to see what they see" to be able to give a complete answer and problem solve.  One of the first things I ask "is this about a star or a zero," and then have the student show me their PRINTED grade sheet.  Seeing it on a phone is not a complete picture like a printout.  

When a student is absent (excused, school related or unexcused), participation points need to be made up before school, lunch, or during my prep within one week. Your child is responsible for asking for the work missed which usually can't be worked on during his/her class time and will need to be done in my classroom before school, lunch or during my prep.  That missed work needs to get turned in BEFORE I return that graded assignment to the class.  Turned in AFTER I've passed out the graded assignment? It's late and only worth 50%.  Thank goodness, I'm a slow grader, right?  But don't count on it  -- get it done quickly.  It counts as a 0 until it's turned in and, therefore, affects eligibility.

When makeup work is turned in, it'll take me a few days to change a 0 to a star. Of course, if my delay with makeup was to effect eligibility, I'd sign a note. Again, makeup work has to be turned in the Friday before Monday's eligibility check to be fair to all. Often it's not til Sunday night that my grades show any change.
Most generally during that quarter, I allow students to redo a grade. It just needs to be completed in  my classroom either before school, lunch, or during my prep. Also for my computer classes, file management is a life skill.  Students are responsible in completing these tasks prior to assignments being corrected:
1.  Save their assignments in the correct designated folder location AND with the correct file name (which is written on the board or on the rubric) followed by _student last name_student first name
2. Must have NAME PRINTED on their computer assignments by using the filename_last name_first name footer as directed.
3.  Place assignments in the basket and not left on the printer.
I hope this helps clear up some of the muddy waters of Skyward and my policies. You might want to check out my tab on extra credit.  Please don't hesitate to ask questions. I know it's a confusing process ~
T. Scholz