Mrs. Conrad is hometown-proud to be a Bulldog. A 1987 graduate of Colfax High, she played basketball for the S.P.U. 'Lady Falcons'  before transferring to W.S.U. where she received her B.A. in Education and K-12 Reading Endorsement. (1991). For 17 years, she has served as a substitute teacher for the Colfax School District. As a published author, she has championed the writings of students on various Senior Writing Projects. "Pulling stories from students is what I love to do," she states. Some of her students have published works of their own. 
"Sometimes, it's the quiet kid in the corner who has so much depth to say. I want to hear what he has to say," states Mrs. Conrad. All great writing has 6 traits: Idea, Voice, Organization, Sentence Fluency, Word Choice, & Conventions. Conventions is only 1/6th of great writing. "There are students who have great ideas and voice who just need help with conventions...they don't even know they have 1/3 of what it takes to be a great writer." 
Currently, she is serving as a special education para-pro where she helps students one-on-one in the classroom as they complete assignments. She and her husband farm just outside of Colfax. Her sons remain the apple of her eye long after leaving the nest; they, too, are proud to be called 'Bulldogs.' 
"Every kid just needs someone to believe in them, especially, when they feel no one does...I believe in our kids," she states. 
Her classroom door is always open to parents and students. She believes parents know their kids better than anyone: "We're better together. Whatever it takes to see your child reach their full potential; whatever it takes to see them go for their dreams and be all that they can be...that's what I'm all about." 
Go Bulldogs!
Jody Lee Conrad