Colfax Junior / Senior High School

 Colfax Jr/Sr High School

Carrie Lipe, Principal

1110 North Morton St.
Colfax, WA 99111

(509) 397-4368 

Fax # (509) 397-2414

Office Hours Until School Starts:   Mon-Thurs August 13th-16th and August 20th-23rd

Mon - Thur 7:00am - 5:00pm
Closed on Fridays, until school starts


First Day Of School:  Mon, Aug 27, 2018


Sports: High School Football first practice August 16, 2018

              High School Cross Country first practice August 20, 2018

              High School Volleyball first practice August 20, 2018

              Junior High School Girl's Basketball first practice August 20, 2018

              Junior High Football first practice August 28, 2018

Student Class Schedules for 2018-19

  • Schedules become available for students to see on Skyward starting Mon, Aug 13.  
  • Grades 10, 11 & 12you might see a gap in your schedule for elective course(s) - don't worry!
  • Gr 10, 11 & 12 will be working with Mrs. Boyd to schedule elective courses the first days of school, using Skyward's online student course scheduling system.  This will provide practice for online student scheduling for next year's courses. 

School Supplies for 2018-19
The following general materials are useful for success as a jr/sr high student:

  • backpack - large enough for binder and textbooks
  • organizational binder - with tabs/dividers for 6 separate classes (tab is not needed for PE).  Some students prefer a binder with built-in closure, pencil pouch & pocket dividers;  other students prefer a regular 3-ring binder with student choice of divider style.
  • lined paper, 3-hole punched - place in the binder (but do not over-stuff)
  • 2 composition notebooks - example: 
  • 3 spiral-bound notebooks -  80-100 pages
  • ball point pen, pencils, sharpener, eraser
  • colored pencil set - 6 colors
  • highlighters - 3 to 4 separate colors
  • pencil/pen pouch or pencil box - either in the binder, or separate in the backpack
  • reusable water bottle - some students like having a water bottle; we have a bottle filling station at school 
  • lunch box - if your child brings lunch
  • combination lock or locks - optional - for personal locker and PE locker - optional, but suggested

  • Students at the jr/sr high level are not in the same homeroom all year. There is less of a need, compared to the elementary school, for students to bring a wide variety of materials for equipping a homeroom, such as glue sticks, scissors, tissues, etc.  
  • A focus this year is on improved coordination of curriculum and instruction across each student's grade level. Our rooms are supplied with most materials for projects.  We do not anticipate students needing to purchase a lot of additional materials, other than what is listed above.  However, once teachers are back to school, and have met together to coordinate across each grade level, we will let students/families know if any "extra" materials for specific courses, or for the student's grade level, will be needed. 
If purchasing the above school supplies presents an economic hardship, please contact our school office, or have your student visit our school office the first week of school.  We have school supplies available, if needed.

Auditions for the Cinderella Musical will be held on Monday September 10, 2018 in the High School Auditorium.


School Registration for Returning Students - will be done through Skyward this year

  • Registration Live Date:  Monday, Aug 13, 2018
  • Log into your Skyward Family Access account to update school records.
  • Contact our school office if you get stuck or have questions.
Paying Student Fees
Feel free to come by the school any time Mon-Fri, 7am to 5pm to pay for yearbook, lunch fee, ASB fees, etc.  The office is closed on Fridays until school starts.  Thank you!
Jr High ASB - $25.00
Jr High Yearbook - $12.00 -  August-September
                                 $15.00 - October-June
High School ASB - $45.00
High School Yearbook - $50.00 - August-September (with name)
                                         $60.00 - October-June (without name)
FCCLA - $25.00
FFA - $25.00
Cell Phone Policy for 2018-19
We've noticed an increasing number of concerns involving cell phone use impacting students and the educational environment in negative ways.  Our school cell phone policy is designed to protect students, and educational integrity, as well as model cell phone etiquette expected at school, work, college and other professional settings.  Parents, please help by supporting healthy cell phone use at school.  Changes include:

Grade 7 & 8 - Restricted cell phone use at school (includes classrooms, passing period in halls and lunch).  We encourage junior high students to leave cell phones at home.  Parents may call the school office at any time to route messages to students, and students may use the student phone in the school office to call home when necessary. If your junior high student brings a phone to school, please remind your student that, at the junior high level, phones are to be kept in their locker, rather than carried around in hands during the school day.  For junior high, we are adhering to the same phone policy students have been used to at JES from grades K-6.

Grades 9-12 - school and work-appropriate cell phone etiquette is expected. A focus this year is on teaching students what is appropriate/inappropriate phone use at school and in professional settings. At the high school level, phones can be useful to help students stay organized (such as using a digital calendar).   It is preferable for high students to leave phones in lockers during class time. If phones are brought to class, students place phones in the classroom cell phone pocket. At the high school level, students are allowed to use phones during passing periods and at lunch as long as students do not violate cell phone etiquette expected at school. For example, phones are not to be used for harassing or threatening others or creating social drama, violating privacy boundaries (taking photos/recordings without other's knowledge or permission) or accessing inappropriate web content (R-rated movies, pornography, for example). We ask families to partner with us in teaching and modeling healthy phone use, appropriate at school and in the workplace.



Jr/Sr High School Picture Day:   Wed, Sept 12, 2018.
Retake Photos:  Fri, Oct 5, 2018.


Seniors Yearbook Portrait are Due by September 30th. 

Turn in one of the following:

Hard Copy: wallet, proof, or 6x4 on Quality Paprer, portrait orientation (head & shoulders only) handed to Mrs. Scholz.

Digital (requirements): at least 300 dpi (at 2" x 3") in jpeg format portrait orientation of head & shoulders, and emailed to our eShare account - link in on Mrs. Scholz teacher page at

* See Mrs. Scholz for further details (509-397-5810) or

Note:  $50 handling fee applied for late pictures (Oct. 1st or later) or digitally mis-sized.