High Frequency Words

Unit 1

a                      have                 me                    the

are                   here                 my                    to

come                 I                      no                     we

do                     like                   on                     what

for                   little                 one                   you

go                     look                  see                   down


got                   make                 to                     that

up                     they                 want                 very

and                   walk                  don’t                 where

in                      help                  of

oh                     now                   so

yes                   play                  buy


Unit 2

day                   eat                   could                be

every                from                 friends             good

her                   gone                 new                   Mr.

said                  grows                put                   need

was                   or                     she                   our

with                  two                   use                   right


saw                   out                   food                 their

time                  people               funny

try                   says                  hide

gives                 when                 how

he                     your                  many

night                 away                 some


 Unit 3

air                    turns                 about                        work

animals             city                  books                        writing

around              house                by                             find

fly                    sometimes         family                       follow

lives                  take                  grew                         found

soon                  their                 read                         four


full                   other                kind

these                place                 made

way                   school               who

were                 talk                  would

each                 together

great                 door


Unit 4

also                  should               special                      old   

anything            those                town                         warm

know                 write                world                        water

moved               country             above                        years

only                  Earth                different                  because

room                 over                  hold                          cook


front                 almost              say                          eight

listen                always               sound                        took         

most                 does                 any                           again

picture              even                  busy                         blue

why                  once                 care                          hello

young                pretty               Dr.                           high


love                  change              twelve

opened              field                 wait

another             touch                wild


Unit 5

afraid               wonder                      sure                  floor

flew                  caught                      both                 nature     

join                   cold                          during               piece

learn                 hurried                     ready                pulls

nothing             near                          clues                 angry

thought            son                           detective          nearly


okay                 read                         against

sorry                afternoon                 careful

boy                   bicycle                      fire

brought            carry                         quietly

few                   hours                        shook