Categorical Programs

Categorical Programs & Learning Support

Categorical Programs consists of a coordination of federal and state funding streams that provide districts with additional highly qualified certificated and classified instructional staff, evidence based intervention curriculum, and ongoing embedded professional development & training.
Our commitment  that every student has access to core curriculum within the general education classroom leads our work for all students to meet the rigorous Washington State Learning Standards needed for college and career readiness.
Washington State funding sources that allow us to engage students, parents, and community include Title I, Part A, Learning Assistance Program (LAP), Title III, and Transitional Bilingual Instructional Program (TBIP). 
These sources have specific guidelines as to how we can support our students who are at risk of not being able to access core curriculum. These guidelines align with best and promising practices that we use to collectively design and plan our supplemental intervention support.
Colfax schools use state, district, and classroom data along with staff and parent/guardian ongoing recommendations to create learning improvement plans that continuously monitor and evaluate student growth. These plans are also known as Targeted Assistance Plans.