Jennings Elementary School




Fax- 509-397-6741

Absence Hotline- 509-397-2924






HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Alex Arinder and Alton Burt.


LUNCH today is Calzone, Caesar Salad, Veggies and Fruit.

LUNCH tomorrow is Maple Bites, Egg Patty, Tater Rounds and Fruit.


Colfax School District will be hosting a flu shot clinic on Wednesday, Oct 17th, 2018, from 2:00-6:00pm in the Colfax Jr/Sr High School Cafeteria. The Clinic will be open to all Colfax School District children (four years of age and older) and their families, staff members, and community members. Children under 18 will need a patient consent form signed by a parent, forms will be available at the clinic and on the Colfax School District website. Participants will be asked to provide their current health insurance card to receive a flu shot. If an adult does not have a current health insurance card, it will be $40.00 out of pocket fee and free for children under 18 if they have a patient consent form signed by a parent/guardian.


Registration forms for Fall Ball will be coming home today.


Please bring pictures of any Veteran’s you would like to put up for Vetern’s Day.  You can turn your pictures with names on them to the office.

6th grade students will be participating in the Healthy Youth Survey on Wednesday, October 17th.


LUNCH HELPERS this week Grady Leinweber, Liam Nelson and Madison Parrish.


BUS DUTY this week is Mrs. Miller.


Have a great day…………please stand for the pledge……..