Colfax PTO

What is PTO?

> Colfax PTO is a group of education-focused parents and teachers whose goal is to provide enrichment and support for the educational experience of the students in our community.  All organization dues and fundraising profits are kept locally and used within the Colfax School District in an effort to meet this goal.


What does PTO do?

> We facilitate annual and semi-annual events and programs that are funded by our annual fundraisers (usually conducted in the fall).


> Events include:

  • Coordinating Room Parent Volunteers
  • JES Bookfairs
  • Carnival
  • K-8 Reading Incentive Program - earns a Silverwood Theme Park ticket
  • Science and Art Fairs
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Play Day
  • ...many more!


What does PTO raise money for?

> PTO is a great resource for JES and CHS to help fund projects and activities that are outside of the current district budget.


> Recent fundraising efforts have enabled us to assist with the following:

  • Transportation costs of one field trip per grade (K-8).
  • Partnering with Spokane's Mobius Science Center to bring a planetarium show for some elementary grades.
  • Purchasing a sound system for the JES main gym for the benefit of choir events, physical education classes and assemblies.
  • Bringing in a presenter for "Anti-Bullying" assemblies for CHS and JES.
  • Purchasing a water bottle refill/drinking fountain for the JES gym.
  • Assisting with the purchase of a new laminating machine.


How can I get involved?

> Sign up as a PTO member.  PTO membership is promoted at the yearly summer registration date(s) and new members are accepted at any time during the year.  You may sign up to help with any of our events or elect put your name on our "miscellaneous" list where you may be contacted for any event that needs additional help.  You are never required to help with any event you sign up for and may not be called for all events as not every one needs any/many volunteers.


> To increase your PTO involvement, you may be interested in holding an officer, executive or event chair position, which come open from time to time.  Please contact the current officers for information on any of these openings.


> Meetings are held four times per year with anyone welcome to attend.  Meeting dates and times are advertised in the school newsletters and on the reader boards and PTO bulletin boards in each building.


> Membership dues are $6/individual parent or teacher or $11/couple.


Thank you to our many faithful volunteers each year!  You help make our school great!