School Closure Information

From time to time during the winter, the weather may force a change in the normal school routine.  
How is information gathered to make decisions on bad weather days?
Early in the morning, designated school personnel communicate with one another and individuals in key locations to determine the status of roads and existing weather patterns. Information secured from these individuals is then used to make decisions regarding the feasibility of safely transporting students to and from school.     
How are decisions made?
It is our intent to adhere to the established school calendar whenever possible. We recognize that canceling or delaying school because of adverse weather conditions may cause a good deal of inconvenience for parents. Because parents often do not have back-up plans, many students may be forced to stay home alone on days when school is canceled. History also tells us that student attendance on make-up days is generally worse than on regular school days.
These factors are considered in relation to the risk-level involved in transporting students when weather conditions are questionable. A delayed start to the school day will often provide time for weather to improve and roads to be plowed.  In the light of day, our drivers will also be working in safer driving conditions.
Where can one get information concerning school delay or closure?
Whenever possible, decisions regarding school closure or delay are made by 6:00 a.m. Automated phone calls from our School Messenger system will be made to all primary guardians. This information is collected from the Skyward Student Information System, so please keep your contact information and phone numbers up-to-date. School closure or delays are also announced on the following radio and TV stations:
  • TV Stations:                KREM Channel 2, KXLY Channel 4, and KHQ Channel 6
  • AM Radio Stations:     KCLX (1450), KQQQ (1150), KRPL (1400)
  • FM Radio Stations:     KHTR (104.3), KZFN (106.1) KZZL (99.5)