Bobbi Mackleit ~For the Love of Kids~

Welcome! My teaching career started in Clarkston, Washington.  Spring comes early in the valley, and tulips are already popping their heads up in mid February! With 8 years under my belt and my Masters in Education, I moved to the quaint little town of Oakesdale.  I spent 13 wonderful years teaching there.  
Change for my family came in the fall of 2013.  Keagan started kindergarten, Averi was entering sixth grade, Bailey was a senior across the street at the high school, and I landed a sixth grade teaching position here in Colfax!  What a treat it was to have all 3 kids and myself in one school district!  
In Colfax, teaching sixth grade for two years and five years at second grade along with balancing my own family kept me very busy!  In fact I was too busy to see the needs of my own family.  In the spring of 2020, after spending time at home due to the pandemic, my husband Mark and I reevaluated our values and priorities.  It was pretty clear that we'd been given this opportunity to really consider what mattered most and we chose family.  That being said, I was not ready to leave education. In the fall of 2020, I found myself working part-time as a para-pro, primarily working with the junior high kids!  One of my favorite things about this new adventure is seeing and having the chance to work with so many of my former students!
Teaching is a fascinating career!  There's never a dull moment nor a dull child. It's wonderfully exhausting, and nothing less than thrilling to watch young minds as they have their "ah-ha!" moments.  Working with young people is an honor and blessing!