PDC Election Regulations

Public Disclosure Commission

Election Regulations for School Employees


Employees Can:

  • Respond to questions about the levy and/or bond during work time by providing the facts.
  • Hold Information meetings and present the facts about the levy and/or bond.
  • Encourage people to register to vote and encourage them to vote on Election Day.
  • Campaign for or against the levy and/or bond on their own time.
  • Wear campaign buttons at school and on their own time.
  • Display campaign materials at their homes or on their cars, speak before groups, and raise money . . . all on their own time.
  • Make personal campaign contributions.


Employees Cannot:

  • Use district supplies, equipment or facilities to print, mail, email, distribute or otherwise produce materials for a VOTE YES levy and/or bond campaign.
  • Use students to hand carry VOTE YES levy and/or bond campaign materials home to parents.
  • Display campaign materials in or on district vehicles, in district publications or at district facilities.


Questions that are Often Asked:


  • How can district employees respond to questions from patrons about the levy and/or bond on work time?
    District staff can provide facts about the levy and/or bond and answer basic questions in an objective manner. If a patron needs further information please refer him or her to the District Office (397-3042) or have them visit the district's website – http://www.csd300.com.
  • What if a patron asks you, "How should I vote?" during work time? 
    Respond: "I cannot tell you how to vote, but information about the levy and/or bond can be obtained by contacting the District Office or by visiting the district's website.
  • Can district staff members participate in the levy and/or bond campaign?
    Yes, on their own time.
  • Can district staff members use district computers or email services to communicate about the levy and/or bond VOTE YES campaign?
    No, district staff should use their own personal computers and personal email services if they want to communicate with others about the levy and/or bond VOTE YES campaign. District computers and email services can only be used to communicate facts about the levy and/or bond.


If you have any questions about what staff members can and cannot do during the levy and/or bond campaign, please call Jerry Pugh, Superintendent, 397-3042 or email [email protected]