School Supply List

School Supplies for 2018-19
The following materials are useful for success as a jr/sr high student:

  • backpack - large enough for binder and textbooks
  • organizational binder - with tabs/dividers for 6 separate classes (tab is not needed for PE).  Some students prefer a binder with built-in closure, pencil pouch & pocket dividers;  other students prefer a regular 3-ring binder with student choice of divider style.
  • lined paper, 3-hole punched - place in the binder (but do not over-stuff)
  • 2 composition notebooks - example: 
  • 3 spiral-bound notebooks -  80-100 pagesImage result for spiral bound notebook
  • ball point pen, pencils, sharpener, eraser
  • colored pencil set - 6 colors
  • pencil/pen pouch or pencil box - either in the binder, or separate in the backpack
  • reusable water bottle - some students like having a water bottle; we have a bottle filling station at school 
  • lunch box - if your child brings lunch
  • combination lock or locks - for personal locker and PE locker (optional, but suggested)

  • Students at the jr/sr high level are not in the same homeroom all year. There is less of a need, compared to the elementary school, for students to bring a wide variety of materials for equipping a homeroom, such as glue sticks, scissors, tissues, etc.  
  • Our focus this year is on improved coordination of curriculum and instruction across each student's grade level. Our rooms are supplied with most materials for projects.  We do not anticipate students needing to purchase a lot of additional materials, other than what is listed above.  However, once teachers are back to school, and have met together to coordinate across each grade level, we will let students/families know if any "extra" materials for specific courses, or for the student's grade level, will be needed. 
If purchasing the above school supplies presents an economic hardship, please contact our school office, or have your student visit our school office during the first week of school.  We have school supplies available, if needed.